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Hospice Volunteers Give the Greatest Gift of All…
Loving Hands & Caring Hearts

Why Volunteer…Patti Kingsley Shares Her Story

In 2009, my family had a personal experience with Hospice when my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In 2010, I had the opportunity to give something back in return for the support my dad received from the Hospice team.

I took the Hospice Volunteer Home Study Program which gave me a greater understanding of the compassion needed when caring for someone who is dying and to understand my role as a “reflective listener.”

I’ve already had the privilege of working with a Hospice family. During my time with the patient, we both experienced a matter of fact realism about her condition and shared some unexpected humor during this time of her life.

My hope is to give a personal touch to all the patients and families I will work with. I’ve learned that people who are dying have a great deal to teach us….if we listen.

Hospice Volunteers provide many services in patient’s homes including:
  • Providing emotional support and companionship
  • Running errands
  • Offering respite for caregivers
Other Volunteer work includes:
  • Providing clerical support in the Hospice and Friends of Hospice offices
  • Assisting at Friends of Hospice fundraising events and at Camp Rainbow of Hope

You can train to become a Hospice Volunteer with our at-home study program to familiarize yourself with the needs of Hospice patients and their families.

We have a particular need for Volunteers in Hastings, Central Square, Redfield, Williamstown, Amboy and Parish.

For more information on how you can become an important member of the Hospice Team, call:

(315) 349-8259 Or (315) 343-5223
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